Ukrainian State Designing Technological and Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation "Ukraeroproekt" 


Ukrainian State Designing Technological and Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation "Ukraeroproekt" was established in 1969. Ukraeroproekt has been entitled to perform design and research works as well as engineering works in the sphere of complex design of airports and ground infrastructure facilities of civil aviation. Ukraeroproekt has obtained the corresponding licenses and permits.

Basic activity profile is the development of design estimates for construction and reconstruction of runways, taxiways, aprons, radio navigation and lighting facilities in civil airports.

Basic line of design activity of Ukraeroproekt:

In the sphere of transport and special construction:

design of airfields, aerodrome service territories, heliports, motor roads and parking;
design of airport cargo and mail terminals; aircraft maintenance and repair centres; radio navigation and lighting facilities; testing stations, aircraft and motor repair plants, fuels-and-oils storages, stock bases; metal and wood workshops; prefabricated concrete, board equipment and non-standardized equipment production shops; different purpose storages; computer centres, communications complexes.

In the sphere of urban development and construction of public buildings and facilities:

general planning of airports, aircraft overhaul plants, industrial enterprises and residential areas; project development of airport domestic and international terminal complexes, hotels of any class, medical and preventive establishments, sanatoriums and rest homes, catering and retail facilities, cultural centres and clubs, gymnasium rooms, swimming pools, buildings of agricultural purpose; project development of residential different-storied single houses, multi-storied sectional apartment houses, country cottages.

In the sphere of environmental protection:

project development of low-wasted technologies, treatment of hazardous substances, heat utilization, waste water treatment, development of standards on maximum permissible level of emissions, preparation of ecological certificates of industrial enterprises.

In the sphere of energy and engineering support:

design of power supply systems (up to 35 kV); electrical equipment and automation of technical systems; lightning protection and corrosion protection; boilers and complexes of heat, gas, water supply and drainage.

Ukraeroproekt performs design works in different climatic and geological conditions, at setting, aqueous soils, in karst territories and seismic regions, including the entire scope of works on site investigations. Ukraeroproekt has archive data on all airports of Ukraine and on a number of airports of CIS countries.

Ukraeroproekt has been recognized as the head research organization of civil aviation industry of Ukraine in the sphere of aviation ground infrastructure development, for formation of outlook and scientific & research policy of development of Ukrainian civil aviation ground base, scientific research work, implementation of scientific, technical and design products, as well as expertise of construction projects developed by third firms for civil aviation of Ukraine. Ukraeroproekt performs research and developmental work in the field of energy-saving and environmental safety in aviation transport.





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